Women's Wellness Retreat


Jan 28th - Feb 3rd, 2024

Join Our Exclusive & Luxury Retreat for Successful Women

Sipping refreshing mocktails on a luxurious yacht against the backdrop of the British Virgin Islands' lush green mountains, as the sun gracefully dips below the horizon, is a moment of pure delight. Here, you'll be far away from the ordinary, immersed in an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

You'll find yourself laughing and bonding with newfound friends, sharing tales of adventure from the exploration of remote islands, indulging in gourmet meals thoughtfully crafted by our health coach chef, and being part of an extraordinary community of women dedicated to self-improvement and manifesting their dreams.

As you gaze upon the breathtaking vistas of the British Virgin Islands, it's almost surreal to believe that you're here, dining under the sparkling Caribbean stars.

Join us on a 7-day voyage through the breathtakingly clear waters of the British Virgin Islands, where the Caribbean sunsets will set your soul aglow. 

If you're a purpose-driven women who’s ready to relax, rejuvenate and explore with other passionate women to re-charge your joy...then join us for powerful and never-to-be-forgotten Caribbean adventure!

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…so imagine the transformative power of seven extraordinary days and nights in the exclusive company of spirited, soulful women like yourself.

Here, we're not just sharing wisdom and insights, but we're igniting the flames of your inner feminine strength, allowing it to radiate and reshape your world.

This gathering is a radiant fusion of minds, hearts, and the profound essence of empowered women. Because together, we are infinitely greater than the sum of our individual journeys.

In a world thirsting for positivity and change, the time has come to unite, rise, and release our collective energy and intention.

There's no better moment than NOW to elevate, evolve, and unleash the incredible feminine power within us, nurturing a brighter, more harmonious world.

Now I know you’ve heard that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with…

Unleash Your Divine Feminine

Our luxury yacht retreat is designed exclusively for women like you—smart, accomplished, and ready to stand in your feminine power. Set your soul aglow.

Your Oasis of Transformation

All-Women Experience: From our captains and crew to our fellow participants.

Divine Feminine Embrace: Through embodiment practices, holistic meals, and a deep connection to nature, you'll awaken and embody your true essence.

What Sets Us Apart

Rejuvenate: You Body, Mind & Soul

Expand: Into Your Divine Feminine Power

Connect: Create a sisterhood that will support and uplift you long after the retreat.

Your Journey Awaits

Dance under the moonlit sky.

Explore breath work, yoga, meditation, and journaling.

Dive deep into Human Design, feminine embodiment, and chakra alignment.

Unforgettable Activities and Workshops

Mistral is a fiery manifesting generator redhead on a mission to help women re-find their magic within!

She is a Human Design Expert, Intuitive Alchemist & Biz Coach and loves empowering women to re-find their intuition, stand in their power and find freedom in their everyday life. Whether its building a business or just finding what brings you joy...she is there to help guide you on the path to creating the most epic life on your terms.

Mistral grew up on a small sailboat her dad built. Having spent 2 years sailing down the East Coast of America and into the Caribbean, she gained her love for the beauty of the ocean and the freedom of the wind.

She started the sailing team at her local high school, sailed throughout University, and went on to found a program called New England Science & Sailing and gained her USCG Captains License. She has been captaining catamarans around the Caribbean and has been running Women’s Leadership Expeditions for the past few years. To learn more about Mistral check out her website http://tolivinginflow.life 
Emma’s focus is to reawaken your awareness of your body’s messages so that you may develop a stronger relationship with self and return to your power. 

She is a certified functional nutrition counselor, yoga teacher, reiki master, doula and integrative wellness coach. 

Emma will be deepening our relationship to food, and teaching us how to nourish ourselves in a way that supports optimal organ health. 

She will provide locally sourced, delicious anti-inflammatory meals, nutrition guidance, and wellness practices that promote holistic nourishment and sustainable healing.

To learn more about Emma check out her website https://rootedwithinwellnessspace.com/

Mistral ~ Captain, Human Design, Inuitive Alchemist  

meet your hosts

Jess Filkins ~ Mate, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer

Jessica is a health coach, yoga teacher, and nutritional chef.

She grew up on boats and has been working as a professional yacht chef for the past 4 years. She specializes in gluten-free, vegan, and pescatarian cuisine and enjoys catering to her guest's unique dietary preferences.

Her passions are dancing, underwater photography, spearfishing, and surfing. Jessica lovingly prepares meals that look beautiful, taste delicious, and make you feel amazing!

To learn more about Jessica check out her website https://retreatsonyachts.com/

Emma Limburg ~ Chef & Functional Nutritionist 


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