Tulum, once known as Zama in the Mayan language (signifying dawn), stands as a nexus of legend and enigma nestled in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The ancestral essence of the Maya civilization intermingles with the encompassing natural marvels ā€“ from verdant jungles to ivory beaches and the turquoise embrace of the Caribbean Sea, rendering this location an arena of sheer enchantment.

Legend holds that around 66 million years prior, an asteroid collided with the Earth near Tulum, leading to the demise of the dinosaurs. Remarkably, today we can even take a dip in those cenotes formed by the impact.

In this eco-conscious, boho-chic ambiance imbued with spirituality, we've curated the ideal site for our upcoming retreat, and this time, we're embracing lavishness! Picture private chefs at your service each evening, accommodations in the most rejuvenating and exquisite of domains, one-of-a-kind ceremonial escapades, and an abundance of soul-enriching offerings!

Come forth and join us for an immersive span of 7 days and 6 nights, where you'll set free your Goddess Within.

Into the Jungle

Awaken the Goddess

  • Dive deep into your inner awareness
  • Re-align with your authentic expression
  • Rekindle your love affair with yourself
  • Embody your subtle, sensual power
  • Release energetic blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Realize the highest and truest expression of you

Awaken the Goddess within

Our getaways provide a secure haven for you to link up with kindred spirits and encounter your soul companions!

These escapes are truly one-of-a-kind. While they follow a framework, it's a flexible one designed to allow the enchantment of connection to unfurl naturally. Our retreats offer an intimate voyage, where you'll craft indelible, everlasting moments.

Our schedule is presently a work in progress and will be disclosed shortly!

What's on the horizon? Anything from water immersions and somatic dance practises to transformative workshops, capturing moments through photos, delving into humans design, tuning into your intuition, indulging in cacao rituals, meditation journeys, tarot insights, invigorating hikes, and various outdoor adventures (hiking, Cenotes day trips, surfing, trips to the beach, exploring downtown, to relaxing by the pool), new friends, and a whole lotta laughs.

It all starts with YOU and an adventure.

What to expect?

  • Transportation from Cancun Airport (CUN) to Tulum property
  • Accommodation at an EPIC luxury property
  • All nourishing meals (vegan + GF options available), including a private fine dining chef each night for dinner (include breakfast & lunch?)
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Somatic Dance
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Breathwork session
  • Guided meditations
  • Release ritual 
  • Creative expression activity
  • Goddess photoshoot
  • Cenote swimming
  • Beach visits 
  • Visit to Tulum pyramids 
  • Exploring town and shopping opportunities 
  • In-person transformative workshops (human design, intuition guidance, self expression)
  • Time to get to know your new sisters
  • Goodie bag full of gifts from our sponsors
  • Deepening your connection with nature and your Highest Self
  • Memorable & Transformational Week of Self-Expression with you Inner Goddess!

Please note that the itinerary is still being adjusted and some things are subject to change! 

Flights to Mexico are not included. The shuttle from the Cancun Airport (CUN) to Tulum will be included as well as transportation within the retreat.

**Valid passport is required to join this retreat**

Where Adventure Meets Self-Discovery!

What's included

Early Bird Pricing!

This retreat is for the woman who....

  • Is ready for deep transformation
  • Desires to dive deeper into their spiritual and self-development practices
  • Feels like they are on the edge of a breakthrough, but feels stuck
  • Is ready to fully commit to themselves
  • Is going through a life shift
  • Is seeking guidance, to be seen, held, and supported
  • Is calling in sisterhood and lifelong connections
  • Authentic and acts with integrity
  • Not afraid to invest in themselves and their future
  • Owns a passport and loves to travel and explore
  • Is empowered in their unapologetic self expression
  • Embraces their uniqueness
  • Good vibes, fun, and open-minded
  • Wants to UNLEASH THEIR INNER GODDESS and become the most empowered, fierce, bold, and aligned version of themselves!

Who is this Retreat for?

Self Discovery

Immersed in Nature

Wellness & Spirituality Focused 

Females Only
& Lasting Sisterhood


All of our retreats are built on the foundation of these 4 pillars.

Our Goddess  Retreat Pillars

Females Only & Lasting Sisterhood

Wellness & Spirituality Focused

Immersed In Nature

Self Discovery

My spiritual journey began when I was a young girl. My parents exposed me to many religions and cultures, meditation and yoga. However, the spiritual group they were part of fell apart as a result of the guru's misconduct, and from there, I was left to find my own way with regards to spirituality.

In college, I studied Psychology and world religions. I recognized the common themes and beauty at the core of all religious belief systems, yet, due to my childhood experience, I was weary of anyone proclaiming to be a guru. 

In 2018, I was introduced to Marconics energy healing. Besides the energy itself, which is wonderfully high vibrational, I was drawn to this modality because of its philosophy that we all possess the wisdom we need inside. Our own higher selves are a direct connection to the divine. By cultivating our connection to self, we uncover our profound, innate wisdom and our most aligned and optimal life path. 

A year later, I became a certified practitioner of Marconics and felt called to study the feminine divine. Through self-discovery, I realized how much I had been stuck in my masculine energy as I chased success as a business owner. I went on a Heroine's Journey to reconnect with my feminine and the parts of myself I had lost and abandoned along the way. 

Today, as a spiritual guide and empowerment coach, I love nothing more than helping other women elevate their feminine energy, rediscover their innate wisdom and align with their soul purpose so they can thrive to their fullest in life and work. 

Iā€™m a fiery manifesting generator redhead on a mission to create my dream life and freedom filled business, while empowering other women to do the same!

I am Human Design Business Coach and love empowering women to re-find their intuition, stand in their power and find freedom in their everyday life. Whether its building a business or just finding what brings you joy...I am here to help guide you on the path to creating the most epic life on your terms.

I empower you to be successful in your online business because I know the secret to Unlocking Your Power, Dissolving Your Limiting Beliefs & Removing Your Subconscious Blocks.

I believe that when women step into their zone of genius they shift the vibrations of this world, create a lasting impact, and can do this all while living in complete alignment and flow. 

Carey Gatto ~ Intuitive Alchemist

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Mistral Dodson ~ Intuitive Alchemist

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